Monday, 15 July 2013

The Body Shop Gift Box

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This is my first review on a product, and the product i have chosen is the amazing gift set from body shop. This gift box is the perfect present for any occasion and is also very luxurious. Although it may have come as a gift set you can also buy the items withing it individually.


This is a mango gift set from Body Shop is perfect for cleansing your skin.
The Body Scrub is great for removing dead skin and also leaves skin soft and smooth, on its own this body scrub costs £12.50, its a 200ml tub which is a good size as it lasted me roughly 2 months, as you didn't need to apply it every day.

The Body Butter is a great moisturizer and is perfect for dry skin, this cream keeps your skin moisturized for a long period of time, this is perfect as you don't need to reapply. This can be bought at £13.00 and is a 200ml tub and also lasted for quite a while.

The Shower Gel is great as it is soap free, also leaves the body smelling fresh and of mango's !!. It cost £4.00 which i think is a good price as it better than most shower gels. Its a 250ml bottle and depending how much you use i think it can last to about 3 weeks!.

The Soap Bar is refreshing and smells wonderful, even though i don't tend to like soap bars but this one is great!. Its a 100g bar priced at £2.00 which is a great price.

The Bath Lily is really useful as it helps to remove dead skin and works well with all products. It costs £1.50 which is cheap and affordable.

I would highly recommend any Body Shop products as they produce excellent products.

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  1. Great Review, Body shop have some great products
    I had the cocoa butter gift set before and loved it :)