Tuesday, 16 July 2013

MAC Foundation

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This review is about the fabulous MAC foundation. I find that MAC do a good range of different cosmetic products but i find there foundation outstanding!.

 MAC Foundation is honestly the best foundation I have ever tried. When applying you don't need a lot just to have a light layer of foundation, its also very light on skin, furthermore its great if you have oily skin!. Its is to apply and even easier to remove which is very handy after a long night. This foundation is good for layering also, so its very versatile. It gives you full coverage over spots and any little blemishes. Its quite smooth and not sticky unlike other liquid foundations. It comes in many different shades so anyone can use it. When people actually said MAC is the best place to buy make up, they weren't lying.                      


I highly recommend everyone to buy their foundation from MAC, but don't just buy it online go to your nearest MAC store, because there customer service is of top quality, let them advise you on what foundation you should buy and how to apply. This foundation is in a 30ml bottle and is £24 and is worth every single penny. 

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